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The purpose of Internet Marriage Brokers is to provide a means for the hardest yet most important choice of one's life to become easier and more efficient. We at Internet Marriage Brokers know how difficult it is to find your perfect or near perfect match. But finally there is a solution! Us! You may not have the time or the ability to search and become acquainted with a woman or a man who goes beyond being just a good prospect but IS your perfect or near perfect match---but we do! Now, there are options for you! You donít need to lose hope! You donít need to settle for "second best." Your perfect match is out there; and, together, as a team, you with us, Internet Marriage Brokers is determined to find that special someone for YOU!!!

It is important for you to understand that Internet Marriage Brokers is not just in this for the money. Sure, we need to make a living as much as anyone, but being humanitarians, we believe helping a man or a woman find his/her perfect or near perfect match (and helping fatherless and motherless children gain good stepfathers and good stepmothers) is just about as important a job as we can do for society. It is our mission.

No! We are not just in this for the money. We are reasonably priced so that ALL can afford our services. And for those who still cannot afford it, if your financial hardship indeed is that great, as some students encounter, and definitely many Russian women with their poor economy somehow suffer through while longing for a helpmate, then contact us. We can figure something out. Maybe barter, or maybe even just free. We want everyone to have loving relationships!

  Company Headquarters:

Internet Marriage Brokers
P.O. Box 1172
Sandy, Utah 84094 USA


Internet Marriage Brokers ô
is one of the best ways to find your mate! We find perfect/near perfect matches for you, contact these people so that they know about you and are interested in you before we submit their profiles and photos for your "yay" or "nay", and allow you one reciprocated email exchange with any or all of these six (6) prospects we've hunted, researched and contacted in your behalf.

All for $40.00! If you choose to continue contact after the first FREE email exchange, you then are required to pay a reasonable fee for his/her/ their "contact info."

What makes this so great is that we seek your perfect or near perfect mate and contact him/her beforehand! Most pay dating services for example expect you to pay for a name and an address and you're not even certain the person is going to reply! We do all these preliminary hassles for you ... all for $40.00! And not just to receive 1---but six (6) different prospects! All with multiple information; usually with multiple photos, too!

Now ask yourself this: If you were in contact with the lady or man of your dreams, and it was all set up for you and she or he was very excited about you, wouldn't $40.00 seem very worth it? This is something you must try! Keep searching on your own---but for $40.00 you can't lose by letting us line you up with 6 additional candidates for "Mrs. Right," or "Mr. Right", etc. Perfection or near perfection GUARANTEED---or we keep looking for you until we find your own personal definition of perfection or near perfection ...
your ideal!

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